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 Some of North America's Best Wild Pheasant Hunting

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 North America's Best Wild Pheasant Hunting

What our customers have to say about our ND pheasant hunting 

Kerry,  Your pheasant hunting was fantastic.  We are never going back to Iowa again.

P.L.  ......................  Texas

Kerry, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this trip.  I could not have imagined the numbers of birds we saw.  Once again I am sorry I could not shoot better, but seeing the numbers we saw was really amazing.  You did a remarkable job with the food plots and the locations.    G.J.   ...................  Texas

Hey Kerry,
Thanks again for a great time. Like I told the Ron and Reza, I really could not have scripted the experience any better. I had pretty high visions and expectations of what the experience would be like and the actual experience exceeded my expectations. I expected hundreds of birds and saw thousands of birds. My aim was not very good but you made sure we all filled our quota. Your land is absolutely beautiful.
Thanks again for a great time Kerry. Best wish to you and your family for the Holidays.
PS: feel free to use the above as a testimonial on your web site or if people who don't know you want to call me as a reference feel free to give them my number or email.

Jerry G .................  Wisconsin

Kerry, we had an awesome hunt with awesome people. We Arkansas folks thank you and Brad, and we are counting the days until opening day in 2006. You have a beautiful farm.

Thanks Don  H.  ......................   Arkansas

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hunt.  It was one of the finest hunts I've ever experienced.
I'll be in touch soon about next year.           T.B.  ................... Nebraska
I've been wanting to go pheasant hunting my whole life.  The hunting is twice as good as I hoped for.
C.R. ......... Texas
Hey Kerry,
I just wanted to thank you for such a pleasant hunting experience. It was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciate your patience, enjoyable company and skillful guiding. Hope we can do it again next year.  R.S. ..............  Ohio
This was truly one of the best hunts of my life.                         K.R. ............ Alaska

Kerry, again, thanks for the hospitality.  As we told you when we left, we had a great time hunting with you and your dogs.  I thought you might like to have a copy of the photograph taken at the end of our trip so I am attaching a copy to this e-mail.             Regards, J. R.           Houston  TX                                     

You said the hunting would be "world class".  You weren't kidding, it really is.   Thanks   R.D.   ...............   Wisconsin

Kerry, I want to thank you for such a great hunt. Sorry I couldn't shoot better.  We really enjoyed ourselves and do want to come again.  Hello to Marian.    G.J.      Texas
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